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Benefiting Students & Organisations Alike

Add an affordable & indepedently certified beginners blockchain course to your training portfolio, or simply offer it as a benefit for your employees.

Our course is the perfect choice for anyone new to blockchain, from non-technical project managers, through to business managers looking to better understand it's applications.

Why Partner With Us?

6 Reasons

30% Exam Fee Discount

Our partners are able to provide referral customers with a 30% discount on our exam fee.

40% Commission

Our partners receive 40% commission on the revenue generated from each exam sale.

Wide Demographic

Our course is suitable for anyone new to blockchain, including project managers, sales managers & entrepreneurs etc.

Authentic & Credible

Our course has been independently approved by the British CPD Service, a world leader in continuing professional development.

Easy Integration

We provide our partners with a unique code to be used by their students to purchase our exam. It's that simple.


If you’re a registered academic institution, we can co-certify our certificate with your seal of approval.

Become a Reseller

How Much Can You Earn?

More Than You Think

  • Our exam fee £47
  • Your referrals pay just £47 £33
  • At 40% commission you earn...
No of Exam Sales Your Earnings
100 £1,340
200 £2,680
300 £4,020
400 £5,360
500 £6,700
600 £8,040
700 £9,380
800 £10,720
900 £12,060
1000 £13,400

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